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HSF 53

Product ID: BR#004

Price:  Rs.9563.00

Item Description

Shielding Paint Powder for indoors High frequency 1 kg. Liquid HSF 53

for shielding of large surfaces against high frequency electromagnetic fields, low frequency electrical AC fields and for discharging static DC fields to earth

  • without solvents, preservation and other agents
  • easily to handle and to contact
  • can simply be over painted, labeled or papered
  • optimum price/performance rate

Electrically highly conductive emulsion paint, solvent free and steam diffusion capable. This shielding paint HSF53 is quickly drying and can be used universally. It adheres well to most nongreasing grounds indoors, and it can simply be over painted, labeled or papered. Suitable for living and work space. The paint has to be applied to the ground undiluted with a paint brush or a roll.

For a safe shielding of low frequency electrical AC fields and for discharging static DC fields a competent grounding is urgently required.

Single components, needed for the grounding don’t belong to the scope of delivery. For highly conductive systems like HSF53 we recommend the installation of the cover/grounding tape AEB, combined with i.e. the grounding plate EGP. Please pay attention to our leaflet „Safety Notices and Grounding Prescriptions“.


KZ 720 Shielding paint can be processed without problems on ingrain and similar wall papers, wood, plaster, concrete, stones and old emulsion paints, which are in good order. It adheres well to most non-greasing grounds indoors, and it can simply be overpainted, labeled or papered.


Due to is high electrical conductivity this paint is able to shield electrical fields and discharges them to ground. It is manufactured from natural non-toxic raw materials and is highly diffusion capable, nearly odorless and smear resistant. KZ 720 Shielding paint is supplied as powder for self mixing with water. This is advantageous for durability and storage life, for the dosage of the needed quantity and also for the shipping weight (and shipping costs) of the paint powder. Paint rests can be composted.

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