VV17 Plus Yang

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Iztacalco 9,450.00

Material : Wood, Copper and Silver


VV17 is the perfect solution for basic Geostress in small plots of size within 1 acre. VV17 can help in creating earthing for plots and projects which has new Earth fillings & true Earth connections are lost. It deviates and absorbs the negativity in the domain of 40′ diameter range from the center of the base.


It is placed inside a 3′ x 3′ x 3′ pit inside the Earth where Geopathic stress is found. Inside the pit, some quartz crystals are dispersed with Agnihotra ash in the pit along with cow dung, lime water with camphor and then a layer of clean soil in this

1 review for VV17 Plus Yang

  1. K v Krishna

    There Was A Project which was under standstill for a year, then I installed VV17 Plus Instrument, After installation, work started in full swing and they have completed the project.
    VV17 is powerful tool to gain earth energy (which is hidden in the surface)if we properly installed in perfect null points. It will give boost to magnetic resonance. This will create harmonic resonance. The vv17 is a instrument based on metaphysical design.
    I have solved many cases. With the help of vastu world, Pune.
    I am so happy and confident. And my clients are also got good results.
    I have privilege that I have associated such grate origination, and my mentor Shri. Mayank sir has providing, sharing his knowledge to become successful vastu consultant in India.
    Vastu world is the only organization, giving knowledge to many individuals with open mind.
    I wish good luck.

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