3-day Foundation Course on Science of Vastu Energy Rectification

A very practical based workshop – Key topics

  • Foundation learning of energy measurements and feelings to detect energies, most essential to diagnose the vastu defects.
  • Science of Vastu
  • Five Elements / 9 Directions
  • Zone Planning / Marma drawing
  • Measuring Human Energies
  • Co-relation of human & Space energy for Identification and rectification.
  • Preparing client report
  • Case studies – Residential / Commercial / Industrial
  • Practical – Identification of Vastu defects and rectification of house and plot.
  • Practical – Installation of remedies on site.

We conduct online as well as off line workshops.

For more details, contact on – 9822573102/ 7219283102.
Website – www.vastuworldlearning.com