Building Biology is the joyful holistic science you’ll embrace in their seminars, courses, certification programs, factsheets and videos on designing, building, remediating health-supporting structures in harmony with planetary ecology.

This is a non profit organisation

Their Mission


Their mission, now in its 33rd year, is to help create healthy homes, schools, and workplaces free of toxic indoor air, tap-water pollutants, and hazards posed by electromagnetic radiation.

They fulfill this mission by guiding both the general public and working professionals (architects, builders, engineers, interior design professionals, physicians, nurses, and other health care practitioners, real estate professionals, etc.) to an understanding of the vital and complex interrelationship between the natural and built environments, and teach them the means for merging these complementary environments into greater harmony and planetary health.

This organisation was founded in Clearwater, Florida, 1987, based on the Principles of Building Biology, brought from Germany to the English-speaking world by the renowned international architect Helmut Ziehe.

They offer a wide range of courses based on the Principals of Building Biology - some of them as below

  • Natural Healthy Buildings
  • Electromagnetic Radiation – Microsurge Electrical Pollution ( Dirty Electricity )
  • 5G : Understanding The Technology and Protection Strategies
  • The Human Response to Light
  • IAQ for You – An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality
  • Water Quality and Treatment
  • Healthy Design and Building – Community planning : Incorporating Building Biology
  • Healthy Building Sites

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Building Biology is the study of the effect of the built environment on the health of people, and Building Ecology is the study of the effect of the built environment on the environment. Through education, advocacy and research, the BBE Institute aims to make people aware of the health and environmental hazards of modern buildings and construction, and show them how to create healthier and more sustainable places to live and work in.  Building Biology and Ecology was originally established in Germany in the 1970s and has affiliated offices in other parts of Europe, Australia, India, UK and the USA.  The New Zealand Institute has been active in education and research in the country since 1990.

The Building Biology & Ecology Institute (New Zealand) is a registered charity (CC35100

The objectives of the BBE Institute are:

  • To make information on healthier and more sustainable building, materials and services available to the public and to the building industry;
  • To endorse or teach courses, workshops and seminars, and endorse or produce publications covering the field of healthier and more sustainable building and lifestyle;
  • To endorse or carry out research and development in the field of healthier and more sustainable building;
  • To advise and provide support and networking for those who are committed to a healthier and more sustainable building industry in the products and services that they provide;
  • To advise and co-operate with other relevant people, including environmental, research, health, community, local and central government organisations to encourage a healthier and more sustainable built environment and lifestyle;
  • To push the current boundaries of sustainability and ecological building towards a truly regenerative built environment.

They also offer various Education programmes as under

BBE Certificate in Ecological Building and Design

Design Your Own Eco Home

Michael holds a Degree in Architecture ,achieved membership of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland and developed a new approach to design called Bio- Architecture. Zana , having graduated with a University Degree in Macro Economy processes , pursued the study of diverse design modalities ,such as Feng Shui , Geomancy and the Alchemy of space. Together they share 55 years of practical experience in design and architecture ,across all stages of the building procurement process. Their portfolio includes hundreds of beautiful homes , schools ,centres ,and commercial.

As architects and designers, their passion and speciality is in the creation of beautiful buildings, temples and other structures, as repleted spaces.  Together they bring lifetimes of experience and skill to this passion, and offer a comprehensive service to people who wish to manifest a sacred place of creativity in harmonic coherence with their land.

Their design approach enlivens the senses of all who live and move through these spaces, as well as beautifying the environment. The results of their work is based on the ability to perceive the combined beauty of the source of creative impulse and the energetic potential and material resources of the land.

They integrate a full spectrum of design inspiration in their creative work; including, but not limited to, the pure principles of BioArchitecture, Neuro-Aesthetics, Sacred Geometry and other holistic disciplines and design traditions. Their Mission is to create Temples of Life ,which are vibrant constructions , conceived ,designed ,built and used for the soul purpose of experiencing and celebrating love in all of its aspects

They offer a wide range of services, products and education for healthy dwelling, living and working. They deal with the effects of environmental impacts on health, perform measurements with physical instruments and also detect subtle, immeasurable influences from various types of earth radiation or faults according to traditional Indian architectural science “Vastu Shastra”.

Various services offered by them

  • Health Consultancy
  • Vital Energetic Products
  • Vital Force Products
  • Bau – Biology
  • Pulsors
  • Vastu Shastra
  • Environmental Instruments
  • Pulsor Applications

NewEarth University (NEU) is the worldwide paradigm-shifting learning community of the NewEarth Project, which unites ancient wisdom with full-spectrum breakthrough technologies and innovations from leading experts in their field – visionaries and pioneers sharing an array of talent and gifts, so that together we fully manifest a peaceful new earth.

Their vision

A world where the interconnectedness of all life is honored and respected, where each take responsibility for learning, healing, and leadership in pursuit of noble expression, and where the capacity to love – and be loved – is the highest note in our symphony of evolved expression


To gather, embody and share knowledge in service of human & planetary well-being and sovereign, creative self-expression

Various School of thoughts offered by the University

  • School of natural law
  • School of science and design innovation
  • School of health and wellness
  • School of the living arts
  • School of consciousness and spirituality
  • School of socio-economics and ecology