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“Anand Tirth” Proposed Project at Chichodi Ahmednagar
Chief Architect : Mayank Barjatya

Vastuworld’s Bio Energy Process

The core of this process is – Energy of Space

This cannot be interpretated independently, however it needs to be analyzed in conjuncture to the energies of the people residing / working it in and vis versa. This idea forms the basis framework, since every living, non-living entity are vibrating at their own frequency and upon close proximity create their own vibratory pattern – either beneficial or unfavorable pattern.

Any favorable pattern will not show any adversities, however contrary to this, any abnormalities in the vibratory pattern will show its visible defects in the people or living beings in those spaces.

  • Energy inside the space, surrounded by 4 walls has its own way to influence its habitants, Human energies which we call Bio-energies get influenced by these hidden, historical and morphogenic vibrations.
  • If in resonance, these vibrations inside homes and offices generate immense positive energy fields to bring in balanced, health, happiness and harmony, but if in dissonance than can be disastrous.

Most common tell-tale signs of such unhabitable spaces being – trees with abnormal growth, bee hives in uncommon places, too many sporadic cases of cancers among the people staying there. Infect even the non-living don’t get spared – cracks in building, molds, mildew or decay in walls, furniture etc.

The other aspect being - Bio–Energies

Bio-energies take a deeper approach to the body; it forms the basic skeletal network and is the main frame of a person’s health.

Just as the foundations of a house are so important to the structure of the whole building.

We are energy beings & our physical body is manifestation of energies and hence we need  proper reserves to organize our thoughts and strengthen our immune system.

The entire process of vibration transfer or energy transfer through our various organs results in vitality of the body.

In case of any energy level disruption or energy blockage the organs have organic defect.

Both the above listed facets are not only interrelated but have a profound effect on each other and hence it’s very important to address both while looking at proving holistic solutions as a consultant .

While research on both of these independently have been ongoing for a long time , however I have been instrumental in integrating this and have created a totally new synergistic system almost 25 years back– which imbibes the traditional Indian Architectural ideologies ,the Bau Biology – Building Biology principles along with the Human bio energetics .

Building Biology and Energy Rectification Analysis

How is this done –Basic understanding

Consultancy & Project Analysis is done using the energetic interpretation of each layer of the environment, space or Vastu under consideration along with the energetic analysis of the crucial people associated with the project or senior member of the family.

We apply theory of 9-directional and 5-elemental impact on space and the relevant people. Traditional Architectural Principles with regards to understanding, zone, scale, shape, proportion and quality of space are analyzed post the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic measurement of space vibration.

Apart from the above, it is very important to ascertain and establish the purpose with reference to an elemental aspect i.e. -Land use, utility of space,so as to achieve the desired result, this ensure the problems are pin pointed and the rectification is on a more personalized level and not a general tonic.

Geo-Stress Mapping
Human Energy Measurement

Along with the size and area covered that we call quantity, we analyze the quality of space which further sculpts the character and Prana, the energy foot print is analyzed following all internal and external factors.

Post this we move towards measuring and analyzing different energy fields coming from – Historical Burdens, Morphogenic Energy fields, Radiations from the Galactic fields.

Energy information of the geobiological resonance, & Electromagnetic interferences are than mapped on the building/structure considering Human frequency between 0 to 30 Hz.

Building Biology inputs are determined with human energy measurements, our organs get the influence from the energy or the space we live/work in and thus through human scan on the energetic body and Medulla oblongata gives us information of location of energy defects and also guides us for the rectification. This German science is also useful in understanding the material toxins and unhealthy construction methods. We use the science of bio-resonance and Bio-dynamic dowsing using H3 Gold Lecher Antenna & decode the vibratory pattern in the body with relation to each chakra. The charkas vibrance in lumen help us to determine the organs capacity to behave under these circumstances.

Geopathy being part of our building biology analysis, we use scientific measuring tools to determine inside earth and surface level energies influencing human health, mental and financial growth. 7.83 Hz Schuman Resonance along with all geopathic influences, positive and negative are detected using Earth magnetometers and H3 Gold Antenna.

Determination of electromagnetic influence from electrical source, mobile towers and all other activities which human body connect & relate to becomes part of the consultancy.

All these energy measurements are done using H3 Gold Lecher Antenna, at different frequencies. Various protocol sheets help to measure various areas of intangible energies. German machines – Earth Magnetometer and E-SmogSpion help to study the Inner earth energies and morphic energies , EMF stress meter for magnetic and electric radiations . life energy meter.

Interpretation for the Energy Rectification

Measurement of all these parameters is very important to reach to conclusive evidence of the problems and thereby suggest remedial rectification.

Detailed report comprises of list the total energy story of the space, good features & defects, rectification & solution, interior elements & remedies, intensity & timeline with preventing and curative measures needed.

Rectification remedies are based on the principle of bio resonance and they work on manipulation of energies, more so negating the effect of harmful energies and enhancing or boosting the positive energies.

Sample Rectification Drawing

Since every space and people residing in them have a unique vibratory pattern hence the remedial solutions are customized, handmade, energy checked and installed.

As Energy follows Intention, we work on precise measurements and thus site installation layout, pits and markings are all done by site engineers to get the precision.

Post installation, Bio-dynamization (energy connection) is necessary to check the changed special energy has resonated well with the fixed bio-energies.

Bio-Architect Mayank Barjatya
B.Arch, Msc. Ecology Environment
Building Biologist Bio-Energetician