Energy Architecture

Current architecture is losing its understanding of and connection with one of life’s most powerful yet subtle elements…ENERGY

It is the conscious, unconscious, intuitive and accidental manipulation of energies in architecture that have a profound influence on the built form and its users.

Architects who approach their work with an awareness of these energies will produce buildings, which sustain physical health, support emotional well-being, uplift the spirit and enhance the environment.

Energy Architecture for creators draw parallel between what they do with building design, on the physical level, and what occurs on the underlying level of energy.

Suggesting that all that is physical is simply a readily understandable presentation of the energy that forms it, and that if we approach the architectural process from the energy basis, we will have the opportunity to produce a ‘new’ breed of buildings in harmony with all that is natural

Knowing that all matter is a product of the ever constant and ‘underlying’ ENERGY presents us with a medium through which we might consider what architecture is!

Vastu Architecture

Vastu = Architecture = Energy

⦁ Architecture is a process of reading all the relevant energies, and bringing them together in a balanced, harmonious and beautiful expression, in a tangible recognizable physical form.

⦁ In the designer’s process of spatial definition and arrangement they simply manipulate a myriad of elements, all of which are expressions of their individual energy systems.

⦁ This process is one of handling many energy systems, usually without knowing anything more than the simple notion of building design.

We direct, share and modify the effects and impacts of energy systems in everything we do. The end result is expressed in a tangible, recognizable physical form. The terms ‘conservation’, ‘low energy’ and ‘pollution’ as we know and use them describe symptoms of constructs developed from the way in which we use or abuse energy.

⦁ Building designers deal with so many elements in the process of putting together a building Ignoring the impact of the energies, is as negligent as ignoring the impact of the sun!
⦁ Locating and measuring and plotting and designing for geo-magnetic; ley; Qi; microwave; electro-magnetic energies, the existence and influence of underground water; fault lines . . . the list is probably indefinite

There are other methods of problem solving/creative processes than the logical thinking method. “The extraordinarily powerful, non-logical intuitive process is. We, like those in the Vedic traditions, would be able to ‘sense’ or ‘see’ or ‘read’ the energy systems of the site, and the buildings”

We would produce environments, which harmonies with the total environment. Locales, sites, buildings, humans, colors and so on would just ‘be’. Without effort, but hitch would suit the occupants and users harmoniously and in a way which uplifts the spirit and encourages fulfillment.

⦁ Our world is full of glorious examples of buildings reflecting culture, climates and local materials. Gems of buildings and environments and so on, whether exotic, or simple, bold or demure, they are exquisite.
⦁ They make one feel wonderful, uplifted. They feel right! They are inviting, and one feels that one doesn’t want to leave.
⦁ Without this intuitive connection, the creative flow is constrained, our efforts at problem resolving blocked, and the whole process surrounded by frustration.

It is my assertion that the intuitive process and creativity are inextricably linked, and that the process needs to be better understood and taught.

Building designers carry a responsibility beyond compliance with government regulations, the laws of supply and demand, and a need to keep the coffers filled. We have an opportunity to act as healers to our community, by producing ‘monuments’ to upliftment.

If we understood energy as that which pre-dates the physical, and were more trusting of our intuitive processes, allowing them to ‘work the architecture’, we would provide establishments of beauty and enlivenment.

Exquisite buildings of originality would be the norm.

Building Material

Building Material = Energy

The way in which the material behaves in its use to form environments of comfort; the energy expended in the human involvement in the production; the visual impact on the users; and the capacity of a material to store, or contain energy

⦁ Stone which is selected from the site performs well thermally, keeping places cool in the heat of the day by absorbing heat when located inside, transmitting little heat to the inside when heated externally, and storing heat for later use.
⦁ It involves the human in little expenditure of energy production and looks beautiful, thus exuding an energy, or sense of beauty.
⦁ Stone will be a sink for heat. As it absorbs heat from a room, it cools the room. This heat can then be re-radiated to the space when the space cools below the temperature of the stone. Thus the energy can be absorbed, stored and emitted.

Selection of materials involves the designer in searches through masses of information, including descriptions of the energy performance, energy of production, visual energy, and inherent energy of the materials.


Psychic = Energy

⦁ Thought waves are energy. They are emitted from us as we think; they have specific qualities, and imbue our environments with their qualities.
⦁ I suggest that some ‘psychic’ phenomena can be traced back to the energies emitted from stonewalls, these energies having been previously absorbed.
⦁ I suspect that it is the stronger energies, which are better stored, are stored for longer periods, and are better able to be emitted.

As per, Rupert Sheldrake morphic resonance do exists and most of the material found in nature has capacity to store these energies and keep them as a memory, they are emitted in situations when there is an effective lack of similar energy, therefore providing a ‘psychically cool air’ in which to emit.

A recent ‘energy survey’ of St Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide exposed some unusual phenomena. The stonewalls seem to admit, and allow the inflow of, positive energy (geo-magnetic), and reject the inflow of negative energy. The crossing of a number of positive energy bands in the aisle coincides with a ‘healing’ place.

The energy of beauty is that which we detect at experiential levels, deeper than the five senses with which we more frequently recognize and with which we easily connect. We associate feelings of the heart with love. If it feels good, it is in Love.


Earth = Energy

The earth supports a range of energies too. These energies have been ‘seen’ by humans, and in older cults the energies have been used. Spiritual ritual has been heightened by the ‘addition’ of the energies of the earth, by using stones placed in strategic energy locations in such a way that they amplify and radiate the energies at the location in which they have been placed.

These previous communities used the energies of the earth to endow their temples with ‘spirituality’, and to imbue their dwellings and public places with comfort and well being. They ‘knew’ these energies and were clear as to their value or detriment to the environments they were creating.

We have lost those attributes. We might be paying the price for ignoring these energies with higher disturbance in our communities, considerable unrest, violence and general malaise.

Understanding or sense of earth / telluric energies and their use would assist in the production of great living and working environments

There has been much written about the ‘H’ network, Telluric grid. Dr Ernst Hartmann, a German medical practitioner, discovered this network.

He recognized that the points of crossing of the energy lines coincided with chronic cancer sufferers. Children with insomnia and bed wetting problems where the bed was discovered on a knot of crossing, no longer suffered when their beds were moved. Apparently, candidates for heart attacks frequently work in places located over crossing points of this energy system.

Geopathic Field---- Science Behind Earth Energies

The field, the grid and the energy assimilation under our feet, also has a strong influence on us, the earth’s core thousand miles under us is emitting certain vibrations which reaches us passing through different layers of porous material. Basic impact on Geopathic energy grids is formed due to rotation of earth and difference between momentum of core, mantle which leads to movement of tectonic plates.

⦁ The importance given to orientations in Vastu Shilpa Shastra is based on the deeper understanding of the alignment of the subtle energy axes of the human body, which are affected by the orientation of the building relative to the earth’s magnetic field.
⦁ Our research has revealed that the intensity of these telluric grids in the Indian subcontinent is not consistent throughout the day and the year. They follow various cyclic variations.
⦁ Further research revealed the interesting fact that the earth’s magnetic field is not a blanket, but a maze of grids which are complex, but which have definite patterns.

All the component of earth curst emits radiation at different frequency maintaining 7.83 hz of Schuman , which can be absorbed by human body.

⦁ These geo-magnetic energies are measured using devices like geo magnetometer, earth magnetometers. They are found in regular patterns crisscrossing the earth’s surface.
⦁ They have been found to be reduced in intensity, distorted in their directions and shielded by structures which we have erected without heed or understanding of them.
⦁ Ley lines, another energy system connected with the earth and similarly affected by human activity, can also be used and suffered from in similar ways.

These energies have different qualities and therefore different effects on the human process.


Life = Energy

⦁ Prana, Qi energy, named as such by Indians & Chinese, is the ‘life flow’. This is the overriding life force and is ‘seeable’. It is with this energy that the science/art of Feng Shui from China & Vedic Vastu Shastra in India works. The specialists know this energy, although they may not operate with it in a lineal manner, and are able to read the environment they study and therefore prescribe design criteria to suit.
⦁ It is interesting to look at the basis of Sthapatya-ved- Vastu Shilpa Shastra.
⦁ This Hindu science of establishment does not work from the analysis to solution; it instead works from the basis of all existence.
⦁ Through meditation, a connection with the source of existence presents the basic pattern of ‘life’ upon which the layout of towns, regions and buildings is formed.

Although these energies are measurable today, there is a limit to the measurement. Some energies have frequencies so high that the apparatus for measuring is simply not available. H3 Gold Lecher Antenna helps you in most of the Prana, Life & Spirit measurements.


Human = Energy

⦁ Human energy is powerful. It seems to be able to over-ride the energies we encounter.
⦁ Few people which strong energies : natural or developed are able to influence their environment.
⦁ Each individual is an energy entity, that the physical state is second to the energy state, and that the physical is simply a tangible projection of the energy state.
⦁ The sick body is a picture with a texture, of a sick energy system.

The influences of earth, or ‘external’ energies on our individual energy systems can influence the well-being of our systems, and our systems can influence the ‘external’ system in which we reside.

⦁ Someone with a particularly sick personal energy system could so significantly overpower the pre-existing energy system as to ‘permanently’ shift that otherwise static system, thereby encouraging the debilitating effects on their own energies.
⦁ In such a situation it would seem that much more than a relocation of the place of abode would be required for the health of such an individual.

If we design and build using the energy behind the image/object, then new and uplifting forms and buildings and environments would emerge.

This would allow a creative process, which, it appears, is little, used today