3 Day Workshop on Earth Communications @ Prithwe

Key topics of the workshop

  • Who is a Geomancer? – You will become a geomancer, who communicates with Earth.
  • Strengthening your spiritual presence with an ancient monument and mother Earth.
  • Learn to Design and build contemporary sacred spaces.
  • Earth Divination.
  • Science of Sacred spaces and geo biology.
  • Identification of Power spots, Stone Circles using H3 Gold Lecher Antenna.
  • How to create stone circle in your house.
  • Identification of all geo stress lines – Hartman, Curry and Nodal point using H3 – Gold Lecher Antenna.
  • Decoding Cosmic Capacitors as Earth Spirits through H3 Gold Lecher Antenna.
  • Vastulogical Understanding of Earth Energies.
  • Process of Earth Healing.


Understanding the meaning of Geomancy


Mayur Bhatt

Apaar Jain

Hemant Acharya

Thank you Mayank sir and Vastu world Team.
Such wonderful experience in work shop, enjoyed the session with lot of knowledge and fun ………….

Darshana Prajapati

Thank you so much sir. It was a great learning experience. Looking forward to more such experiences ……..

Suraj Kammar

Thanks a lot sir for such great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed and learned. Thanks to all of you. ……..