5 Day Workshop on Bio-energetics & Inner Balance

Key topics of the workshop

Bio-energetics & Cymatics takes a deeper approach to the body; it works on rebuilding the foundations of a person’s health.

Just as the foundations of a house are so important to the structure of the whole building, so is this deep energy field called the “Centripetal” field? It shows the state of your mental and physical ENERGY RESERVES.

You will also learn how to measure and balance the surface energy or “Centrifugal field”, which shows you how well you are managing your daily systems like detoxification, digestions, nervous etc. When you experience symptoms, they show up in this field.

Learn …… various Protocol and how to work with them – Organ, Esoteric , Astro , Chakra , Brain State , DNA & Light Psyche .

Learn ……………
About the frequencies and the cymatics as solutions in 48 Infinity Energy and understand the healing properties of the Yantra , Mantra and Tantra …………with Solfeggio sound …

There is lot to learn …………….

this is one of its kind of workshop being conducted by Mayank Barjatya and very important keeping in mind the Space , Body and Mind . ……..

A truly holistic workshop for providing solutions of the Mind , Body and Soul .