Psychodynamic Dowsing – 3 Day Complete Immersive Workshop

Learn the Science of Detecting Vibrations using H3 Gold Lecher Antenna – most advanced dowsing tool –

  • Learnings Hands-on Practice on Techniques in Handling H3 – total immersion.
  • Scanning of holographically imprinted information on human beings.
  • Natural/ Artificial disturbances Electromagnetic & Building Biology / GeopathicStress.
  • Determination of the intensity and polarization of Radiations.
  • Geo medicine frequencies
  • Interpretation of Frequencies – geo biology use.
  • Understanding diversity of Radiation fields with differential methods & time required. Various protocols – Universal / Environmental / Emotional/ Chakra.



It was wonderful fantastic practical  learning From last 3days .Thank You Mayank Sir.
Vrushali mam…
Always Grateful

Archana Gori

It was an amazing experience. Training of sensitivity, dowsing , earthing and above all venue is so so so beautiful.
Blessed that I’m connected to Vastuworld.

Navnath Shitole

Yes, m doing vastu world course now. Sir ‘s explanation is very good.
It is very different experience of knowledge & environment. we are always in touch with our sixth sense.