Sir I got very good feedback from a client. His showroom got rented out within one month of remedy installation. I had put NW five element plate and a PGN in NW. As a result, the showroom has got rented out in a month’s time, which was lying vacant from last 6 months, thank you sir for making such wonderful products

Shweta Sinha

Very long back. There was a closure of southeast sector of a bungalow in Chandrapur. Financial stress, and law related issue was facing by lady land lord of this bungalow. I installed PGN. After 45 days the southeast closure was demolished, and the land got beautiful results. Law issues settled. And she conducted marriage of both male children. My dear friends if you pin PGN in perfect location. It will give best results.

K. V. Krishna

8-9 years ago, during my visit in Pune. I was asked by my relative in Dimapur – Nagaland to check his son, suffering from acute back pain and hospitalised while studying in Jain hostel at Pune On inspection of his room his back pain on spine was exactly at the place where GS line was passing, even the iron bed was having slight curve on that place, When I checked other rooms, I found the boys sleeping on GS LINE were having leg pain, ABDOMINAL pain, persitant headache as per the line passing to their body in respective area I installed Personal Geo Neutralizer (PGN) in his room, within a few days everything was back to normal.

Sandeep Jain

“Vastuworld remedies have always worked. Moreover, the remedies are easy to install, scientific & solution oriented. They are also segregated according to Cosmic, Global & Telluric energies of the space and the body. Thank you Vastuworld.”

Archana Gori

Vastuworld is an institution having Mayank Jee as his backbone for giving the solutions to mankind by his Innovative tools, We just have to apply in very simple and easy way.

Dev Saini