Home Health Audit


  • List down environmental factors, EMFs, molds, unhealthy elements affecting the client.
  • Check for Morphological and Historical burdens
  • The assessment of electric and magnetic field coming from the electrical installations and appliances
  • Influence from HIGH Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation – Cell phone towers / High Tension Electric poles / WiFi routers etc.
  • Finally providing solutions and rectification measures .
  • Solutions – based on Shielding Paints / EMF protection etc.
  • Site visit included


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  • The way we built spaces and types of building material has a profound impact on our quality of life.
  • HHA would include – Personal counseling with the client on Health and his home
  • Checking direction, making zones, and marma plans / analyzing using Vastu Shilpa Shastra’s understanding based on 9 Directions and 5 elements.
  • Use of the Most Advanced Measuring Tool – H3 Gold Lecher Antenna (German Make) – helps to understand the interference fields in the interior of living and working environments, Personal Relationship, Human immune system, and sick building syndrome.
  • Other measuring tools like – Earth Magnetometer.
  • Check for other environmental factors affecting you, EMF, molds, etc.
  • The report will consist of the Mapping of Geopathic Stress areas and other influencing factors, and self-help rectification remedies – these would also include the installation guide/video.
  • Please note in case of in-depth analysis via site visit would involve separate charges.
  • What is required from You?
  1. Send us the Home / Office floor plans.
  2. Ensure the Direction marking is done on the same.
  3. Please send the Google location also.
  • Where do I Send this? Very Simple – You may use any of the below options –
  1. Email it to us on – info@vastuworld.com
  2. Whatsapp on – 9175907686
  3. Click on this link  – https://www.vastuworld.com/vastu-consultancy/
  • Click on the Contact us Tab under this heading – Vastu Logical Interior & Exterior Design, fill in the form, and upload the Drawing.
  • We will revert to you within 24 hours of payment and receipt of the drawings.


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