48 Infinity Bhaktamar Energy Card Set


Material :


Set consists of – Bhaktamar infinity energy cards, i.e, each card is associated with lifestyle & health issues. and Bhaktamar Pendrive with 48 sounds. 48 Infinity energy cards are a unique solution for Vastu and human energy balance. Sacred Geometry along with 48 sound vibrations of Jain Bhaktamar Sotra has been holographically embedded into 48 color cards. 48 Energy cards are specially designed cards made on special wood with special colored printing on top which has a strong reflective capacity. These cards are pre-charged with Sound energies of the Jain system of Bhaktamar Sotra’s. 1 tree of life with 10 holes depicting 10 attributes of Kabala, 1 cosmic tetracyt, 1 global tetracyt and 1 telluric tetracyte all on pure copper metal are part of this box, these metal plates are used to scan and charge the energy cards. The cards are the solution and should be selected and given to the person who needs it.

  • Crystal Pendulum to check energies
  • 48 Infinity Energy Book – Hindi / English
  • A purified teak wood box following golden proportion
  • Along with a padded cloth carry case for traveling

Health in your Vastu is the major aspect to get yourself and your family’s immunity boosted. Your Home contributes to 76% of your inside body aliments. Apart from getting your home health check, we as family owners need to think and install basic energy tool which acts as environmental vitamins and help habitants attain strength.

Each of the below-mentioned bio-resonance vitalisers does not cure or treat or solve any health-related issues, but act to strengthen your deficient energy resources and though the principal of resonance activates your room/space/environment vibrations. These can be generally installed on the wall, floor, etc as per the directions and instructions.

Based on sacred geometry & sound vibrations of Jain Stotra with cymatics and healing frequencies, this unique system has been invented by Mayank Barjatya.


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