Vastu Consultancy and Architectural Vastu Design for New and upcoming projects


Site Visit using technical measuring devices to analyze plot , building , individual rooms .
Vastu Earth Energy measurement on plot and bio-logical study inside homes and offices.

  • On Site – Measurement of Cosmic / Global / Telluric / Magnetic and Electric Energies with H3 Gold Lecher Antenna.
  • Bio – energies check for key residents and working individuals – to analyze the impact of space on them and vice versa.
  • Energy measurements of interferences inside each room as per user’s energies.
  • 9-Directional and 5 Elemental study of total house / work space.
  • Measurement of Bedrooms, Cabins, and critical rooms, absorption and elimination of energy fields.
  • Checking for type of energy balance remedies needed for rectification and their placement as compensates.
  • Does not include remedy cost and installation.

DISTANT : All of the above excluding site visit, analysis done on the Drawings.

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  • This will consist of an in-depth analysis of measurement of all types of Energies –
    • Cosmic – coming from Space – Sun’s Radiation , Moons energy
    • Global – between space and earth .
    • Telluric – Below the earth’s surface  / Magnetic & Electric – Electromagnetic radiation .
  • The co-relation or the interaction of these energies on Human body and the Space around us , in which we live.
  • Use of the Most Advanced Measuring Tool – H3 Gold Lecher Antenna (German Make) – ensures accuracy.
  • Study of the Human energies – by way of using the Hair sample of each of the family member

For Distant / or in Person for Physical .

  • What is required from You?
    1. Send us the Home / Office floor plans.
    2. Ensure the Direction marking is done on the same.
  • Please send the Google location also.
  1. In case of Distant – please send us hair sample of each of the family member – this should be uprooted from the scalp. Please send in separate small envelopes with name tags for easy identification.
  • Where do I Send this? Very Simple – You may use any of the below options –
    1. Email it to us on –
    2. Whatsapp on – 9175907686
  • Click on this link –
  • Click on the Contact us Tab under this heading – Vastu Logical Interior & Exterior Design , fill in the form and upload the Drawing .
  • Hair sample to be couriered on – Vastuworld , The Green Bunglow No- 4 , Uday Baug , Near BT Kawade Flyover , Pune – 411013
  • We will revert to you within 24 hours of payment and receipt of the drawings.
  • For Above Analysis Please Email or Whatsapp your Home or Office Floor Plans with North Direction marked at or +91 9175907686


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