Personal Geo Neutralizers ( PGN)


Material : Copper.


The Personal Geopathic Stress Harmonizer is energetically programmed by using the science of earth acupuncture technique designed to protect an individual from any form of Geopathic Stress.
This includes the drain from underground water veins, earth fault lines and natural grid systems such as the Benker grid, Hartmann grid, Curry grid, etc., as well as earth-based stress caused by Electrosmog from cell phones, computers, and electrical appliances.


Best way to use the product is to dig a hole in your floor and insert the copper pointer to connect with the earth vibrations; homes on the upper level can use the earthing wire as a connector to the pointer.
This product can also be called The personal Optimizer which has a special copper plate with the bio-geometry following the divine proportions and has a wooden base to create the right connections with the copper pointer at the base. Very effective in the South-West corner of any room either for personal or office use.


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