Interior Corner Extender

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Material – Wood with special copper plate , Copper , metal cosmic symbols , quartz crystal


The corner extending device is used in interiors for cut zones and areas where we
cannot use cosmic symbols & make an energy/vastu boundary..


Installed on top of the floor or the slab, with wooden base seen on top and metal parts
are embedded inside , these are used in pairs only.

1 review for Interior Corner Extender

  1. Shweta Sinha

    I had used energy extenders at a client’s place where the flat was in L shape . Bos of this brahmasthan was outside the house with no SW and very less W and SE. They had major relationship issues in the family. I got a positive feedback from the client after 35 days of installation of energy extenders. They said things have started to improve and they feel positive about their relationship now.

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