3 Dimensional Geopathic Vortex – 3D GV


Material : Wood and Copper


Interior Use : 3 – Dimensional Geopathic Reverser Dome to control elevated stresses effecting human energies above earth : Very effective in higher intensity geo stresses


The 3DGV is installed in the interior and covers around 1000 sq meter diameter in all three planes. All the geopathic energies from the atmosphere are sucked by the 3DGV and are circulated inside it, converting to positive energy once reaches the base plate. It has a wooden rod attached under the swastika to the base plate which takes the energy from top to bottom. The 3DGV is kept in a plastic container which has holes in it to let the energy in. Once the energy is in, it is converted to positive, reaches the base plate and is transferred to the earth.


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