Double Helix


Industrial Geopathic solutions for Enhanced geo-biology protection.

For stronger geopathic stresses and intensified negative influences for faster effect – for industries,

Places with unwanted Historical burdens, crematoriums, burial ground, Redevelopment sites etc.

Dimensions – 51 × 48 × 35 cm


The double helix assists in handling stronger geopathic stresses and intensified negative influences with a faster effect. It is used in places like industries, places with unwanted historical burdens, spaces near crematoriums, near burial ground, redevelopment sites, etc.

Used for Environmental Clearing: The positive or negative energies from the below earth creating environmental aggressions can only be absorbed or deviated away from human settlements, it is not possible to stop these energies reaching human level.

Strong Influence on Areas in the domain between 1 to 2 Acres but can also be used for as average influence till 5 acres.


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