Geo Vortex – GV


Advance VV17 strong product for all Earth based Geopathic Grid lines. Effective for water Veins – Swamp, Nala etc.
Dimensions – 17 × 17 × 10 Inch
Weight- 2500 g


This is an Energy Vortex, which has a special system to reject and Re-Direct Geopathic stress lines. It’s an advanced VV17 that has special resonance to Earth based Negative Energies of high Amplification.

This supersedes VGR and is a strong Vastu remedy for all earth based Geopathic Grid lines.

During experiment this product has shown Positive Results to act as counter to Hartmann, Curry and Ley lines.Very Effective with water veins and also areas which has swamp and nala .

Can be put in Areas ranging from 20,000 sq. Feet to 5 Acres of plot.


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