Vastuworld Vortex 17 – VV17 Ying


Material : Wood, Copper and Silver


YingVV17 is the need of this hour. Earth Energies are weak due to heavy carbon emissions and ruthless dumping of all kind into the Mother Earth. Ying VV17 is the geo energies enhancer which would help the earth regains its power. Ying VV17 works on the principle of reverse vortex/ centripetal energies and help/ empower weak earth with positive helpful input. This product helps in creating energy exchange between cosmos and earth.


House with heavy Geo-Stresses and places which has weak earth energies (poor stability in work, business, financial losses). YVV17 has to be installed inside the earth and in the area which is under concern. A pit of size around 3ft*3ft also 3ft deep should be dug. The wooden plate should be oriented as per the movement of the earth energies. Coppertop with crystals can then be put. Make sure that the earth is refilled with Earth/ mud or bricks pieces but not with concrete or cover with plastic or metal.


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