Industrial Geo- jumper / Strong Geo- Jumper


Energy staplers to control Geopathic lines and grid like Hartmann and Curry lines.
Dimensions – 61 × 8.5 × 8.5 cm
Weight: 250 g


These are the first and basic correction to avoid geopathic lines and stresses entering the house or working spaces. Precise H3 Gold Lecher Antenna or dowsing instrument measurements have to be performed before recommending jumpers, hence ensure the same are installed post consultation with a Vastu Consultant.

This product has dual purpose:

  • Acts as geo-jumpers when installed in line next to each other, to control the Geopathic Stresses by Virtually correcting the plot acting as energy staplers below earth.

Direction for use

Industrial Geo-jumpers must not be used individually and are supposed to be used in pairs only at a distance of 4 ft corner to corner in order to complete the energy loop.

Ensure the pit is activated by the personal energy of the owner and then filled with soil .

Inorder to repel Negative influences or to virtually correct the plot according to Vastu , ECE is to be completely inserted below the ground .


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