Geo – Jumper


 Energy staplers to control Geopathic lines and grid like Hartmann and Curry lines.

Dimensions – 4 × 16 inch

Weight – 100g


Geo-Jumpers are the first and basic control of Geopathic earth grid entering the plot. Geo Jumpers are used on ground or earth and act as energy staplers, normally used in several numbers to shield length or breadth of the plot on which, home or workplace is built. 

Special crystals are used to avoid the geo-negative effect of Nala, old memories & old information stored inside the earth.

Direction for use

  • Always  used  in  pairs
  • Act as entry and exit points for negative influences and direct the negative energy out of the site.
  • Connected to each other throughout the boundary

At certain Areas these can be used to create energy grids, which makes an artificial grid to counterbalance the Negative earth grids.

When installed at four corners of the plot with Central VV17, Geo Jumpers help in creating an Etheric Pyramid which can be activated using H3 Gold Lecher Antenna and Meditation.

These should be placed in tandem with VV17 to create a total protection.

Ensure these are placed under the supervision of a Vastu Consultant .


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