Vastuworld Geopathic Reverser – VGR


Material : Wood.


The Geopathic Vortex is the energy vortex, which has a special system to reject and redirect Geopathic stress lines. It resonates earth based negative energies and has a range up to 5acres of the plot area. The base plate has cosmic symbols on it and positive energy is transferred from here to the ground. The Geopathic energies enter through the hole and take 17 rounds along with this copper spiral and are converted into positive energy and then reaches the base plate.


The GV is an exterior rectification remedy which is installed in a pit of 3feet x 3 feet in size and 3 feet deep. The Geopathic stress present in the atmosphere enters the Geopathic vortex which has a special system to rejects these energies and spread positive healthy energies. It has a strength to intrude on negative vibrations till 15000 sqm or 3 aces to 5acres.


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