Geo Marma Set of 9


Dimensions – 10 × 4 inches (each piece)
Weight- 520 g


Geo-Marma is to be used in the property where big VV17 with Marma remedies is too big and regular Marma or 9-vital point remedies are too small.

The range of this new solution is for properties of area between 1 to 5 acres. Geopathy & marma solution goes hand in hand; this would act as a strong solution for unblocking 9-vitalMarma of mother earth and also shielding the house of property from Geo stresses.

It should be noted that if not properly handled, these 9 points of the plots are most vulnerable and weak areas from where geostress can travel to habitats.

Direction for use

Geo-Marma is a strong product, which has strength to activate these points on a positive emission. Regular 9 Marma point remedies are used for the generalenhancementoftheenergiesofabuildingonTelluriclevel.

Withnewbuildings,theyaremountedintotheflooroftheshellconstructionatthe respectiveflatorfloorplates.Thisisspeciallydesignedforearthharmonizationofbuildingsorplots,whicharetilted&hasaxialNorthdirection.



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